Sunday, March 23, 2008

Week 3

I know, I know! I really have to work on better post titles but...well just read the post.

So the last couple of weeks have been very lazy unproductive weeks. But I have an excuse. I have a cold...sort of. It's actually is more like I feel like I'm getting a cold or just getting over a cold, I'm not sure which. I've spent the last week waiting for the cold to take me down but nothing. I've had a sore throat on and off, and a slightly stuffed nose but neither of these two symptoms last long nor do I have them at the same time. Is goes back and force. When I wake up I have a stuffed nose but within a couple of hours it's gone but my throat hurts. A few hours after that I won't be able to stop coughing. Back and forth between these three symptoms all day. I wish it would just get lost already.

The only thing that did stay all week was the total body ache. I felt like I'd been forced to work every muscle in my body for hours on end. I used the past tense there but that isn't correct. I'm still in pain.

So it's safe to say I didn't get any of my 101 things completed. Although I did do a bit of cleaning in my room so I suppose that means that #85 is now "in progress". And I did sort through all my knitting papers and organized all my patterns in an actual file box instead of the cardboard one that I'd been using to keep them in. It certainly is a lot easier to find a pattern when I need it. So #36 is "in progress".

I've been doing research on what I have to do to have knitting classes. Where I can have them, how much it will cost etc. So that counts towards #28. So another one "in progress". 

I also joined the 'Canadian Oddball Baby Blanket Knit-a-long' that one of the ladies on KH organized so that counts towards #23.

Still haven't figured out how to deal with #20. I'm having a hard time getting in the mood to write. Which is actually why I put it in there in the first place. Unfortunately I tend to forget that I'm suppose to be writing at all. I'm actually think that I might change it from "Write for 30 minutes everyday" to "Dedicate 30 consecutive minutes everyday to writing." That way even if I don't have the inspiration I need to write I'm setting aside the time to do it if I do end up getting inspired. Plus I'll be creating a routine that will hopefully trigger my brain into realizing that this is writing time not knitting time, TV time, game time, etc. And I might actually  write something. :)

Did any of that make sense?

Oh, I almost forgot. While at Fibrefest on the 7th. I mentioned to my friend that we still had the fleece from when the sheep were sheared back in August and she offered to wash it for me. She's set up for that sort of thing. So now all I have to do is find the time to go up and visit her on a day that she'll have time to do it. And hopefully show me how it's done. Once I do I can change #12 to in progress too.

Okay, so maybe not a completely unproductive week after all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Week One

Started off good. And then the list fell to the way side.

The things I did do:

#16. Started on my April submission.
#21. Just posted a blog entry for my main blog.
#89. Do I have to explain this one.
#90. This entry counts.
#91. I don't have my passport yet. But I downloaded the form I need to fill out in order to get one.

Things I didn't do, but should have:

#20. Started the week off good. Wrote for 30 minutes each day for the first 3 days and then...nothing. Not sure how I can fix that.
#45. Totally forgot that I was suppose to do this one. I did do a lot of walking on Wednesday, which was shopping day. And Friday while I was at the Abbotsford International FibreFest. Although that wasn't really the kind of walking I was thinking of when I put this item on the list.

Not a great start but overall not too bad.

Friday, February 29, 2008

My 101 Things

My start date is March 1, 2008 and my finished date is November 27, 2010. Which just so happens to be my 31st birthday.

I've broken the list up into categories but some of the items could probably go in two or more categories. Depending on how you look at it.

So here's my list:


  1. Get my Dogwood Diploma.
  2. Take ASL course
  3. Learn to write and speak Scottish Gaelic.
  4. Get my Master Knitter Certificate
  5. Take a photography course.
  6. Take a pottery class.
  7. Learn how to make soap.
  8. Keep my First Aid certificate up to date.
  9. Learn about all of Canada’s Prime Ministers.
  10. Decide if I want to get my ECE certificate.
  11. Decide if I want to get my Librarian Diploma.
  12. Learn how to prepare fleece for spinning.
  13. Learn how to weave.
  14. Learn to spin.
  15. Get my Foodsafe Certificate.


  1. Submit a story to every Writers’ Journal ‘Write to Win’ contest. (0/17)
  2. Join/start a writer’s group.
  3. Attend the Surrey International Writer’s Conference.
  4. Finish my novel.
  5. Write for at least 30 minutes everyday. (0/1001)
  6. Update my blog at least once a week. (0/140)
  7. Organize my writing stuff.


  1. Knit for charity.
  2. Design a cable scarf.
  3. Design cable gloves.
  4. Make a sweater.
  5. Get 80% of Christmas knitting done by November 30.
  6. Start a knitting business.
  7. Take pictures of knitted finished objects.
  8. Learn entrelac knitting.
  9. Learn intarsia knitting.
  10. Learn Fair Isle knitting.
  11. Start a Stitch and Bitch.
  12. Finish dad’s blanket.
  13. Organize yarn stash.
  14. Organize my knitting stuff.

Physical Activities

  1. Go camping at least once.
  2. Go Hiking/Backpacking.
  3. Go Rock-climbing.
  4. Learn to ice skate.
  5. Go bowling.
  6. Join the canoe club.
  7. Go horseback riding.
  8. Take Highland Dance lessons.

Health & Beauty

  1. Walk 3 times a week. (0/420)
  2. Shower daily for a month.
  3. Brush my teeth twice a day for a month.
  4. Set a bedtime and stick to it.
  5. Eat breakfast everyday for a month.
  6. Drink 64 oz. of water/day for a month.
  7. Eat fish twice a week for 6 months.
  8. Get my hair cut every 2 month (0/17)
  9. Eat 7-8 fruits and vegetables a day for a month.
  10. Eat 6-7 grain products a day for a month.
  11. Eat 2 Milk or milk alternatives a day for a month.
  12. Eat 2 Meat or meat alternatives a day for a month.
  13. Lose my Buddha belly.
  14. Wash face twice a day for a month.
  15. Go to the dentist.
  16. Have a spa day.


  1. Plan an awesome party for my 30th birthday.
  2. Go to the Vancouver Aquarium.
  3. Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum.
  4. Visit the Royal London Wax Museum.
  5. Volunteer at the Langley Centennial Museum.
  6. Attend Victoria’s Fibrefest and Knit Out.
  7. Visit the Vancouver Zoological Centre.
  8. Attend at least one event of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  9. Go to Bard on the Beach.
  10. Watch HSBC Celebration of Lights
  11. Attend Church at least once a month. (0/33)
  12. Attend the BC Highland Games.
  13. Go to the movies once every 2 months. (0/17)
  14. Go out with just my older sister, N, once a month.
  15. Visit my older sister, A, where ever it is she’ll be living.
  16. Go out with just my little sister once a month.
  17. Spend an afternoon with my niece M once every three months.
  18. Spend the afternoon with my niece L once every three months.
  19. Spend the afternoon with my nephew T once every 3 months.


  1. Travel across Canada.
  2. Travel to Scotland.
  3. Read one fiction book/month. (0/33)
  4. Watch the sunrise/sunset
  5. Move out of my parent’s house.
  6. Keep my room clean for a month.
  7. Go berry picking every summer (0/3)
  8. Go to the at least one play.
  9. Pay off student loans.
  10. Start a 101 things blog.
  11. Update 101 things blog once a week.
  12. Get a passport.
  13. Bake something once a week.
  14. Start canning again.
  15. Fly an ultralight.
  16. Get a credit card.
  17. Try haggis.
  18. Find my Great Uncle Bert’s family.
  19. Swim with the dolphins.
  20. Take voice lessons.
  21. Go on a cruise.
  22. Go whale watching.