Friday, February 29, 2008

My 101 Things

My start date is March 1, 2008 and my finished date is November 27, 2010. Which just so happens to be my 31st birthday.

I've broken the list up into categories but some of the items could probably go in two or more categories. Depending on how you look at it.

So here's my list:


  1. Get my Dogwood Diploma.
  2. Take ASL course
  3. Learn to write and speak Scottish Gaelic.
  4. Get my Master Knitter Certificate
  5. Take a photography course.
  6. Take a pottery class.
  7. Learn how to make soap.
  8. Keep my First Aid certificate up to date.
  9. Learn about all of Canada’s Prime Ministers.
  10. Decide if I want to get my ECE certificate.
  11. Decide if I want to get my Librarian Diploma.
  12. Learn how to prepare fleece for spinning.
  13. Learn how to weave.
  14. Learn to spin.
  15. Get my Foodsafe Certificate.


  1. Submit a story to every Writers’ Journal ‘Write to Win’ contest. (0/17)
  2. Join/start a writer’s group.
  3. Attend the Surrey International Writer’s Conference.
  4. Finish my novel.
  5. Write for at least 30 minutes everyday. (0/1001)
  6. Update my blog at least once a week. (0/140)
  7. Organize my writing stuff.


  1. Knit for charity.
  2. Design a cable scarf.
  3. Design cable gloves.
  4. Make a sweater.
  5. Get 80% of Christmas knitting done by November 30.
  6. Start a knitting business.
  7. Take pictures of knitted finished objects.
  8. Learn entrelac knitting.
  9. Learn intarsia knitting.
  10. Learn Fair Isle knitting.
  11. Start a Stitch and Bitch.
  12. Finish dad’s blanket.
  13. Organize yarn stash.
  14. Organize my knitting stuff.

Physical Activities

  1. Go camping at least once.
  2. Go Hiking/Backpacking.
  3. Go Rock-climbing.
  4. Learn to ice skate.
  5. Go bowling.
  6. Join the canoe club.
  7. Go horseback riding.
  8. Take Highland Dance lessons.

Health & Beauty

  1. Walk 3 times a week. (0/420)
  2. Shower daily for a month.
  3. Brush my teeth twice a day for a month.
  4. Set a bedtime and stick to it.
  5. Eat breakfast everyday for a month.
  6. Drink 64 oz. of water/day for a month.
  7. Eat fish twice a week for 6 months.
  8. Get my hair cut every 2 month (0/17)
  9. Eat 7-8 fruits and vegetables a day for a month.
  10. Eat 6-7 grain products a day for a month.
  11. Eat 2 Milk or milk alternatives a day for a month.
  12. Eat 2 Meat or meat alternatives a day for a month.
  13. Lose my Buddha belly.
  14. Wash face twice a day for a month.
  15. Go to the dentist.
  16. Have a spa day.


  1. Plan an awesome party for my 30th birthday.
  2. Go to the Vancouver Aquarium.
  3. Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum.
  4. Visit the Royal London Wax Museum.
  5. Volunteer at the Langley Centennial Museum.
  6. Attend Victoria’s Fibrefest and Knit Out.
  7. Visit the Vancouver Zoological Centre.
  8. Attend at least one event of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  9. Go to Bard on the Beach.
  10. Watch HSBC Celebration of Lights
  11. Attend Church at least once a month. (0/33)
  12. Attend the BC Highland Games.
  13. Go to the movies once every 2 months. (0/17)
  14. Go out with just my older sister, N, once a month.
  15. Visit my older sister, A, where ever it is she’ll be living.
  16. Go out with just my little sister once a month.
  17. Spend an afternoon with my niece M once every three months.
  18. Spend the afternoon with my niece L once every three months.
  19. Spend the afternoon with my nephew T once every 3 months.


  1. Travel across Canada.
  2. Travel to Scotland.
  3. Read one fiction book/month. (0/33)
  4. Watch the sunrise/sunset
  5. Move out of my parent’s house.
  6. Keep my room clean for a month.
  7. Go berry picking every summer (0/3)
  8. Go to the at least one play.
  9. Pay off student loans.
  10. Start a 101 things blog.
  11. Update 101 things blog once a week.
  12. Get a passport.
  13. Bake something once a week.
  14. Start canning again.
  15. Fly an ultralight.
  16. Get a credit card.
  17. Try haggis.
  18. Find my Great Uncle Bert’s family.
  19. Swim with the dolphins.
  20. Take voice lessons.
  21. Go on a cruise.
  22. Go whale watching.

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Hildie said...

LOVE your list!!!! I got to kayak with dolphins or porpoise several years ago at the beach... it was a complete fluke, I was there, and there they were! Amazing experience.